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Re: For the momas with buildup/stink/ammonia/new 2 CD momas/or washing trouble.

Originally Posted by IndoorKitty View Post
Okay, now I've made it through to the end. Wow. Lots of info.

My clothing routine is up above, and I intend to use Tide for diapers. I'm seriously considering a wet pail. I currently "wet pail" my menstrual cloth in an old nalgene bottle. I wear Party in my Pants pads and liners, and until I started the wet pail, I wasn't happy with the cleanliness.

Here's my MC "wet pail" system:
1. Fill Nalgene bottle 1/3 with cold water and add a tsp of Oxyclean. Close the lid and give it a shake to dissolve the oxy.
2. Add dirty pad and another 1/3 of water. Close lid and shake it like a cocktail shaker. Hide it on the edge of the tub, behind the shower curtain.
4. Add pads to bottle as I change them, shake, and replace on edge of tub.
3. Once each day, I drain off the water into the toilet, fill the bottle 2/3 full, add a little oxy, and shake.
4. At the end of my cycle, I drain the water, add clean water, shake again, and pour it off. I dump the wet pads in the washer and wash on hot with the towels.

Would a similar idea (with a bucket, and washing dipes every other day) work, or should I start trolling Craigslist for a used TL?
I persionally hated wet-pailing. More of a breeding enviroment for my likes. MANY momas love it though! You DO NOT need a tl'er. I LOVE my samsung fl'er! Just keep to the basics and some common sinse and you will be just fine. You havn't started cloth yet right?

Originally Posted by dealdiva View Post
This might be a dumb question, but are we talking about color safe bleach or regular, plain Clorox bleach? And is bleach for all types of diapers, even AIOs with the colorful PUL? Relative newbie here. I don't have any issues yet, but I'm a little hesitant to use bleach.... THANKS so much!

Oh, my washer is a FL if that makes a difference.
Seriously girl, NEVER a dumb question! Reg clorox has 6% disinfecting ingredients. Any other could have as little as 2%! Even the scented.
It will fade pretty cotton print wipes and fitteds, yes. It will not do a thing to the colors of any manmade material such as pul. Just never pour it over the items. I have used it for over 7 yrs now and no issues with it yet. It's a warrenty scare tactic imho. Just like the garbage about only use "cloth friendly" detergent. They sell it so of course they want you to use it. Just remember, you know how to wash and you will be better off, lol. The things you find on the internet about how to care for cloth is just really out there. It just scares momas away. I meet so many people who say it would be too hard for them. They hear all the trouble it is to wash them, ha!
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