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Hey mamas,

Does anyone have any experience with babes self-weaning before a year? My DS will be a year in a week and I feel like He's completely lost all interest in breast feeding, in a period of two weeks. I night weaned a little over a week ago and since then he has no interest in nursing during the day either. I had to stop nursing my first son due to supply issues, so I've never been through this before. Should I continue to offer it through out the day? Or just follow his cue? Today for example, he only nursed when he woke up. I tried in the afternoon and again at bedtime and he either bit me or turned his head. Part of me is sad because I thought for sure he would nurse past a year not to mention i know he's guaranteed good nutrition if he's still drinking momma's milk, but part of me is excited to be done with it.

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