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Originally Posted by love2bmommy
YES! They're awful!! I get them every time, but it seems like they're lasting A LOT longer this time.

As for us, Carter is 3.5 weeks old and I'm so enjoying him! I've gotten a couple of smiles from him, but haven't been able to get any of them on camera. For the most part, he doesn't fuss much, but there have been a couple of evenings where he screamed for several hours. I tried gas drops, which seemed to do nothing, and then I tried gripe water and he quieted down shortly after that. I'm not sure if he would have settled down anyway, or if the gripe water really helped.

He still hasn't lost his cord stump! I took him to the doctor today because there was some brown discharge and it was starting to smell bad. His doctor said the discharge and smell mean it's about to come off, so he's not worried but if there are signs of infection or if it isn't off by next Friday, call him. He also said he's heard that babies who hang on to their cord stump for this long have low immune systems, but he's never seen a baby hang on to theirs this long in his entire career. I just love hearing stuff like that...NOT! There have been so many times in the last year (mainly with the pregnancy I miscarried) that I've heard "I've never seen anything like this" from a doctor and it gets old! Anyway...
I think I'll be dealing w/ them longer this time since they're worse. I just make sure to take my stool softener every day

I haven't managed to really capture a good smile on camera yet. Hoping I get lucky one of these days. Evanee has a fussy time in the evenings. Sometimes I give her gripe water but holding her and swaying/patting seems to work better. I only got the gripe water b/c I thought she might be gassy.

That's surprising he still has it. Evanee's smelled bad right b/f it fell off. Made me wonder if it was infected it smelled so bad but it was fine. She had the discharge too.
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