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I'm trying to decide which doubler to get. My DD is 13 months old and a pretty heavy wetter. Prefolds and flats aren't cutting it on their own but I love them. I'm transitioning my stash to all prefolds, flats, and GMD Workhorses. I've been pad folding a small flat as a doubler for when we leave the house but it's quite bulky. At home I just change really often.

Would any of these options be more trim while still providing adequate absorbency?

*Small Flat (which is what I'm currently using). This is pretty bulky when paired with a prefold. I'm thinking of getting more DR UB smalls if I get more.

*GMD Organic Large Cotton Doublers. I don't know if I should use one or two of these to equal the absorbency of the padfolded flat.

*GMD Preemie Prefolds

*OsoCozy UB Doublers. I'm thinking I would have to use two of these at a time to get adequate absorbency.

Any suggestions? I'm wanting to stick with all cotton and would prefer to not use sherpa, velour, or any of that "fancy" stuff. Thanks!

ETA: Any suggestions out of the choices above? Funds are limited. I prefer Birdseye or prefold material and would like to choose from the above options.
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