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Lots of pain in one breast

This morning for her first nursing session, it hurt like h*ll. It felt like she was biting me (she's teething her first tooth) the first couple of times but then I paid better attention to it and the pain is really coming from my entire breast. As the day has gone on, my left breast has just gotten more and more sore. The right one was sore for an hour or two and now it's fine but the left one is still hurting. It's h*ll while nursing. It's not her latch. She's never had the *best* latch, but it doesn't bother me and it doesn't bother her so I don't stress over it. Her mouth is just starting to get big enough to open wide enough. It didn't hurt so bad when I fixed her latch the rest of the way but it definitely didn't stop it.

Background of the last few days: I haven't taken care of myself at all. Barely slept, hardly eaten, and maybe one glass of water. But that wouldn't be the cause of my breast pain would it?

Any help appreciated! Would love to know whats going on because this HURTS.
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