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Re: If you use or have used Head of the Class...?

Do you mind me asking what you are using?

Originally Posted by iris0110 View Post
I have used HOTC for years (2nd through 5th for my oldest) and it is a very straight forward program. Now I have never used the lesson planner only the regular and customized curriculum. They didn't have the lesson planner available until recently and I could see no good reason to use it. As SativaStarr said the easiest way to use HOTC is to sign up, log in, and create your students. Assuming your child is generally at grade level in most if not all subjects simply go to your user page and under Learner Information you will fill in grade level, content grade level and then for each subject select if you want none, less, normal or more. To give you an example when I was using HOTC almost exclusively (with just science and history supplement) I had all subjects but Spanish set to more and I had Spanish set to none because I had elected to use a different language program. At this point you will simply be able to help your child log in and he will be able to work directly from the learner page. My recommendation for you is to either print out the teacher book or check your "dash board" every day before your child logs in (or do this the day before) and check 10 or so assignments ahead so you are prepared for what HOTC will be presenting to your child. There are things that you may need to help your child learn and HOTC offers suggestions for doing so. For science and history you can either follow along and offer chances to further study the subjects being presented by HOTC or you can offer a separate program. I have chosen to use a separate program but it is a matter of personal preference.
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