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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Isn't it amazing they are turning 3. Toria has been saying she is turning 10 for a couple of weeks now but today she decided she is 3. We had her birthday party yesterday which is good cause she woke up grumpy cause her arm was hurting, apparently she has a problem with nurse maids elbow. Poor girl spent a good deal of her birthday miserable. Luckily the doc was able to put it back in place and she is her normal happy, rambunctious, stubborn self. She had to stay home with big brother and sister from taking lunch to dad cause she was throwing an all out fit. Wow can she throw a fit, like 3 or 4 of the other kids combined in to one, like she thinks it is gonna a work on me, I've seen that one before. She is also busy in to everything and can be a smartalec but she is hilarious with some of the things she comes up with. I am so glad she entered our lives 3 years ago, though she tires me trying to keep up with her.

Cute pics Julie!
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