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Re: Question about homebirth (long, sorry!)....

I have had 2 hospital births and 3 homebirths. I think it would be wise for you to interview some homebirth midwives in your area. Usually it is free and I don't think it would matter that you are just TTCing and not quite pregnant yet.

My first hospital birth was a lot like yours. I was induced with pitocin, stuck in the bed on monitors (never encouraged to be up and moving), they broke my water, they kept telling me to get an epidural as the pain would only get worse, and then when I was pushing the CNM gave me an episiotomy without my consent because my 8.5lb baby was too big and I would tear (I later went on to have a 10lb14oz baby at home with no tearing). It wasn't the worst of the worst, but I definitely felt like cattle and I know so many friends who had similar interventions who were not as lucky and ended up with more serious complications or ended up having to have c-sections. All of them went on to have homebirths with their subsequent babies.

I know homebirth isn't right for everybody and isn't right in all circumstances (one of my hospital births was due to my LO coming at 34 weeks, so our planned homebirth got thrown out the window for obvious reasons), but I think it can be a great option if you are a healthy low-risk pregnancy. Again, something to discuss with a midwife.

I loved my homebirths because I was able to be comfortable in my own space, I never felt any pressure for things to move along at a certain pace, I didn't have to be stuck in a bed or on monitors, I could eat what I wanted when I wanted to. I called the shots, pretty much. My midwives would come and just hang out and it was like having friends over who every so often would check baby's heart rate and maybe rub my back or suggest a position that might benefit me, but they were pretty hands off until after the baby was out.

Definitely look into it and discuss your prior birth with midwives. My first homebirth (second baby) was an accidental unassisted homebirth and I ended up having a retained placenta. I was transferred to the hospital by ambulance and they had to manually scrape it out because it was stuck to my uterus and in pieces. When I wanted to plan a homebirth for my third baby I was afraid this would happen again and didn't want to end up having to go to the hospital again, so I interviewed midwives and told them about it. The midwives I chose told me that probably happened because of the surprise homebirth and that it was unlikely to happen again, but if it did they told me what they would do in that situation and I liked their answer and chose them. I was lucky to not have that happen again, but if it did I would have totally trusted their opinions on what to do.

Sorry for the novel! I hope you can get some answers and feel more comfortable and empowered with your next birth, whether it be in the hospital or at home.
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