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Originally Posted by Umm_Ibraheem
I've had two homebirths my first (2008) lasted 8 hours from the very first contraction to DS birth. My 2nd (2010) lasted 3 hrs and of those 15 mins spent pushing. With DS I was in CT and my homebirthing team was really nice and professional and allowed me to deliver the placenta without any assistance besides a very gentle tummy massage. With DD I was in a diff state with 2 MWs I met on the day I was delivering as my original MW had a death in the family and had been gone for a few days and would have been back the day after.

I didn't quite mesh with the original MW but the two backup MWs were AWESOME. They massaged me to sleep before the 'real work' would begin and kept massaging me through the intense contractions on and off for the next 3 hours. I loved my birthing experience with them and my only complaint was that within mins of delivering DD they wanted me to deliver the placenta and tried to give it a ''pull" and it hurt so I told them to back off. I delivered the placenta within 30 mins of birthing and nursing my DD so there was no hemorrhaging, no tears, no complications.

Since I'm expecting #3 in Feb 2013 I've again opted for a homebirth and have chosen those same 2 MW to be present and I just have to make sure that at the end of the birth they don't try to rush getting the placenta out. Other than that I loved my experience with them.
Your second birth sounds AMAZING! I begged for massages lol but when DH massaged me the contractions slowed and dropped in intensity so the doctor told him to stop??

Yes rushing the placenta hurt. I shot upright and they had to hold me.down. I really want to deliver it naturally next time and to be left alone.

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