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Please pray for Gideon, 15mo with leukemia.

I found out this morning that a close friends 15 months old son was just diagnosed with leukemia. Heres the post on fb(with permission to share).

Pray for our 15 month old son, Gideon. He has been diagnosed with leukemia. He has not been sleeping, eating well, standing or walking. His color was pale, and he was bruising easily. These symptoms were getting worse each day. At 6:00 pm Friday, we consulted our neighbor, a pediatric nurse, who in turn consulted one of our pediatricians, who advised we get him to the ER. We simply thought they'd give us medicine and send us home. So, I stayed home with both our daughters, while Nicki & her sister took our son to BR Medical Center. At about 10:00 pm, after several tests, he was diagnosed with leukemia. They sent us to Childrens hospital to begin his treatment. This is where we are now, and will be here for several days. He has a bone marrow biopsy on Monday. All tests seem to suggest he has some form of cancer (probably leukemia). Pray. Pray. Pray.

My heart is breaking for them.Please pray for this precious boy and his family.
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