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Re: Dehydrator Recipes

You can do a lot. I use mine for backpacking.

Fruit leather is easy peasy. Blend applesauce with any pureed fruit and spread out real thin on parchment paper or the plastic tray without the holes that come with your machine.

I do veggies too. Tomatos, brocoli, green beans, peppers, even a whole bag of frozen peas. Just dump and dry.

You can make sauces dried into powders. Just dry and then pulse the sauce leather in a blender/food processor. Hummus, tomato sauce, other bean dips. Just don't add any fat to the recipe until after you reconstitute it. (Like olive oil or butter).

You can make jerky, ground beef crumbles, and shredded dried turkey/chicken. Just cook, drain the fat, and cut into small pieces before drying.

Pasta, grains, rice are also easy. Just pre-cook and dry. Then you only need to pour hot water over them and let sit for 5-10 minutes.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor related websites for dehydrating, there are a lot of recipes:

Trail Cooking
One Pan Wonders
Backpacking Chef
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