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Re: Visitor's after C-section? how long to wait

You can start seeing people when you get back to your room (after recovery room). Personally, I didn't mind seeing people for like 15 minutes at the end of the first day because I was still on the good drugs, wasn't getting up to walk a bunch, had my cath in still, etc. So if they stayed for a short time just to see the baby, then I was good. I ask for my c-sections to be schedued at like 8am so by the end of the day, it'd been 10 hours or so since the c/s.

The next day, I requested no visitors. It's more of a rough day for me (that's the day I get up and moving a bunch, take a shower, etc... so I'm sore and tired and have some breakthrough pain. I learned that the hard way and had a friend come visit me after my 2nd c/s that day and she witnessed me bleed all over the floor, nearly faint in the shower, cry, dry heave, etc! haha. We laugh about it now, but at the time it wasn't so funny.

Personally, the 2nd full day, post-op, is a better day to have some visitors (so if you had the c/s on a Tuesday, then Thursday is great for visitors). I've showered by then, am walking a bit better, less bleeding, etc. Usually in better spirits.

And the 3rd full day of post-op is fine for visitors too, though it's discharge day so you might get a bunch of interruptions though. I, personally, like this time to be just baby and me... our last bit of quiet time together before heading home to a housefull of kiddos!

-I don't mind visitors at home the first week IFFFF they bring us food! Yes, that is a requirement.

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