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Re: Question about homebirth (long, sorry!)....

It's quite possible that they caused the hemorrhage by tugging on the cord before the placenta was detached. If you pull on the cord before that happens then you can cause a tear, which will bleed (aka hemorrhage). Generally speaking of course that sort of thing doesn't happen in a homebirth. They do stuff like that in the hospital to clear out rooms faster and to accommodate the dr's. schedules.

And I'm very familiar with them wanting the placenta delivered asap.
I went on to deliver my third child at home. No problems. There were things the MW could have handled better but all in all it was a great experience. I did the same thing as the poster of post 5 did. I took questions to the MW during my interview with her about things I was concerned about happening at home. Her answers were logical and put my mind at ease. The HB was so much better and what is even better is that I didn't have to fight for the things I wanted, like I would have had to at the hospital. I can't even imagine going into labor and having to fight for my rights. I felt so much safer at home.
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