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Re: Do any of you homeschool?

We homeschool . I will have a 5th, 3rd, and 1st grader, plus a preschooler and toddler . I'm starting at the same time as usual, but we'll take a shorter holiday break this year.

I'm planning on only one week "off" after the baby is born since most of my teaching is from the couch anyways! My kids do better without long breaks... Things start to fall apart if we're unstructured too long! If need be we can take some days easier, or all stay in a big group in the family room to work on assignments. We can also school a little later than usual this year. I've planned a more generous spring break, too, when my parents will be flying in to meet the new baby (probably in March).

A lot of the work my kids do is independent work with oversight from me, so I think we'll keep up fairly well with a sleepy newborn in tow!
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