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Hi all!

I'm TTA at the moment but having a really hard time understanding my body right now. With my first two, my period came back, a normal heavy period, and then about 40 days later, my second one came, also a normal period. My cycles are always wacky for the first few months, and I know I ovulate late, so none of that concerns me.

This time around period came back at 7 months but was very light, so I thought, ok maybe anovulatory period. Now i am at cd43 and nothing, but I had light spotting for 3 days a week ago which i thought was my period, but it didn't turn into anything.

I don't think i am pregnant, but i guess there is always that possibility. We did it unprotected a couple of times before my period came back and then we have done it unprotected once since then, that was after i had the spotting. Most of the time we are trying to use condoms and NFP, I am not seeing any clear fertility signs though, normally I get very obvious ovulation pain and also lots of EWCM. I really DO NOT want to be pregnant at all. If ever again. Not that I don't love my kids I just don't want any more right now. Maybe in 4 years i could consider it, but I think DH would have had a vas by then.

I have no idea what is going on or where in my cycle I really am. Anybody else have a lot of weirdness like this? After my first two kids, my PPAF was fairly normal, although longer cycles. Am I just getting older?
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