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Re: Question about homebirth (long, sorry!)....

My first birthing experience was at a hospital and it was horrible. Induced with pit, pushed epi, episiotomy without asking, and DS was 7 lbs.2 oz. My second was a hospital birth and I loved my Dr. and she was fond of me and DS It was a better experience but I wanted to leave ASAP and didn't want DD leaving my sight.
My 3rd was a homebirth and I loved my MW. She has more herbal care products and uses cayenne pepper for hemmoraging. Taking it orally stops hemmoraging, I havent researched it but she has awesome stories of it working. She would pray over me during labor and pushing and it made the atmosphere so peaceful. If there was any type of emergency I felt confident she would be able to handle it or know when to go to the hospital. I had DD2 an hour and half after she arrived. We let the cord finish pulsating and no rush to deliver the placenta. She asked me about 30 min. after DD was born if I felt I could push it out yet.
My MW stayed for about 3 1/2 hrs. after, I had a small tear and we debated whether to go to the hospital to get it stitched. I decided to just pray and let it heal, she gave me some tips(keeping my legs together, cleaning well). It healed perfectly She came back after 2 days because she had another birth the next day but she called a couple times and I could always call her with questions. She visited a week after also to check me and baby.
I am having a homebirth for this pregnancy also. I'm going to the OB for prenatal care just because I had a miscarriage a month before this pregnancy and I want to find out the gender. I went at 8 wks and just had an ultra sound to see how far along I was. My next appt is 16 wks. And I've already had a lot of urges not to go.
I have considered an unassisted birth this time around. We are looking into it
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