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Originally Posted by rumblepurr
I use the Ovacue along with the vaginal sensor. It was cheaper and uses both saliva electrolyte levels and electrolyte levels of your cervical mucus to determine your cycle and can give up to 7 days notice before ovulation. I chose this because I am often up multiple times in the night, (you need 5 hours of continuous sleep for Lady-comp) and alcohol and illnesses can throw off the BMR temp for Lady-comp so you would have to omit all those days. I would be omitting half of the month based on those factors. Plus, I like the extra days buffer for planning purposes with the Ovacue.
Ovacue can be thrown off by to much salt ingestion, (I mean quite an excess) but that isn't a problem for me. They also have the best customer service I have ever received, unlike some others I have heard about! They replaced my over a year old Ovacue no questions asked when it started to have a repeat date on it.

I know that it says not to use for TTA, but it works perfectly for us.
Why is it not recommended for tta?
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