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exposure to baby measles - how concerned should i really be?

so my friend calls me yesterday to tell me that her baby has baby measles and she just wanted to let me know because we had been there all day on wednesday and i was cuddling and holding and kissing her baby. i'm all like, "i don't think it's a big deal because i think it's only adult measles that can be a problem for pregnant ladies but i'll call the midwife just to make sure. thanks for letting me know." so i call the midwives and leave a message, don't hear back from them, kind of forget about it because i really don't think i have anything to worry about. get home today and there is a message but i forget to check it until just now. yes, i knew there was a message on the machine for me. yes, i really did forget to check it. yes, pregnancy brain is real. so, the midwife asks if i had the vaccine as a child (i didn't; my parents were non-vaxers) and then says i should go see my gp and get a blood test to check for measles in my blood (i have never had the measles ever so would have no natural immunity to them now). my gp (who is ridiculously hard to get an appt with anyways) won't even be open tomorrow so should i go to a medicenter? on a sunday when they will be insanely busy? or can this wait until monday? can it maybe even wait until tuesday since i am supposed to go to the lake all day monday? (i know how selfish that sounds and if it really is a big deal, i will absolutely NOT put my plans to go to the lake ahead of the safety of my baby). i guess i'm just wondering how big of a concern this is to me and to the health of my baby. does anyone know how bad this could really be?
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