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Re: EP by choice

I've had some of my girls mention that they get as much using hand expresion after they pump as they do pumping. This makes sense as the baby naturally does a combination of suction and compression and the pump can only do suction. It's work a try.

I do always warn my girls that EP is all the work of breastfeeding and all the work of bottle feeding. And though I have some who continue EP long term, most of the time the supply drops, they begin supplementing with formula and before long they stop altogether.

But a committed mom can make it work. If your baby will latch at all, I would suggest a combination of nursing and pumping. Even if the baby isn't an efficient nurser the extra stimulation will help up your supply.

As for myself, my son is missing a muscle in his mouth. I didn't know that at the time. I pumped for about a month for him with a cheapo pump before giving up. One of my biggest regrets. But I nursed DD for 18 months with some pumping for outings.
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