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Originally Posted by Belbaby3728
Ugh you think people who are stuck using shields really want to?!

OP I feel for you and I am in same boat. I can get my dd to latch/stay latched only if I keep my breast sandwiched for her, if I let go she slips off. She is 7 months old.

Thanks to LC in hospital throwing it at me when she was only a day old because she was preemie and I knew no better we haven't sucessfully weaned the shield out.

The only thing that keeps me going is that she is getting mama's milk regardless how.

But I do fear we are going to have problems when teeth come in...will be watching this thread.

I've had lots of suggestions to try laid back bf but haven't had luck with it myself.
Same story over here. The nurses, otherwise wonderful, convinced me they had NEVER seen a true case of nipple confusion, and they got bottles for several days before being allowed to nurse (they were concerned about them aspirating if they BFed?), so the hospital LC gave me a shield when, surprise surprise, BFing without one wasn't working.

Though, in all honesty, we'd have needed one anyway. Neither baby had the strength to latch without one, even if they'd been given the opportunity.

Shallow nipple-only latches hurt like a beezy.
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