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Originally Posted by onegratefulmama
I may not be understanding this correctly so feel free to disregard but it sounds like your Dr and the birth center are 2 different locations? If so, I would recommend that you contact your OB and tell them what happened to you. They probably have no idea how you were treated and really should know so that they can address it with the birthing center staff. Regardless of if you stay there or especially not - telling them why you are leaving and what happened to you would be helpful to your OB and other mama's who come in too. That sounds so stressful and inappropriate on many levels I'm sorry this happened to you mama and hope that you can talk with someone to voice your concerns.
Yes, 2 seperate places. The birthing center is where I would have to deliver. That's why its so tough. I really like the Dr, but the birthing center is apparently lacking. I don't know that I have another option on a place to deliver unless it would be with another Dr (2 different hospital networks in town)
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