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Re: talk to me about home births/midwives/etc

Homebirth was wonderful, midwives were mediocre, and cost was $3,600 +$20 gas per visit for them to come see me (though my insurance & HRA reimbursed most of that). And the midwives were very concerned at first because I am so close to the KY border, I had to reassure them that I am indeed in TN.
My only concern is your being in KY, because finding a midwife there is hit or miss from what I understand, and if there is a complication they will either not take you to the hospital or drop you at the door and run because they will be charged if caught assisting... (part of why my midwives were uncomfortable up here, closest hospital is in KY)
Is it possible for you to deliver with the doctor you used last time?
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