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Originally Posted by kaia.aline
Thanks everyone for your stories! My induction day has been set for Thursday! I get to make it to 38weeks!!!!!!!!!! As of Friday I was 1cm dialated, 80% effaced, and she is in the -2 station so she is slowly making her way down south. I'm terrified as hell that this induction isn't going to work and I'll end up with a CS but I know that more important than me having an amazing birth experience is that Terra arrives safe and sound. They are not going to use cervadil or a foley cath since my dr believes that I will progress without them.
Good luck! I wanted to say that the key to having a good experience with induction is keeping an open dialogue. I had a 37 weeker due to cholestasis. Honestly, no on really bothered to explain much to me during the process and it was not a fun experience for me. Had I known that holding off on the epi would move things along, or that I didn't need to have my bag broken right away, or that pit could be used secondary to cervadil. These are things I wish I had known. This time my new ob is totally open to doing things with me and not to me. Of course getting that babe out healthy is what's most important, but don't be afraid to question your nurses and ob.
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