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UGH! Thinking about switching to public/private school for awhile?!

Sooo, I am an avid homeschooling mom. I love ALL things about it but I'm starting to feel like I'm failing my kids. DS is 8 1/2, DD1 is 4 1/2, DD2 is 19 months, and I'm expecting a LO in Feb.
DS is very smart and very studious. He reads chapter books, knows tons of science knowledge(that's been his favorite and hes learned a lot reading on his own). My older 2 are into soccer and basketball. We have a great homeschool support group. Many families at our church homeschool and we go on outings/field trips together.
But I feel like I'm not able to give the one on one teaching time that's needed. DD1 is very demanding of my time and attention as is DD2. And with #4 on the way its going to be worse. I think DS is failing to thrive curriculum wise because I don't have the time he needs. It worked great when DD1&2 napped I focused on school. Now with DD1 not napping its becoming more chaotic. I havent ever found a good balance between school and housekeeping. I feel like one takes away from the other. Our house seems to stay messy so I'm always cleaning, doing laundry, etc...
I've been considering putting DS and DD1 in a magnet school. It's a public school but has a focus on youth performing arts, along with sports and so on.
I have MANY worries that I'm sure any parent would have. But my biggest is that I don't want them to loose out on a Jesus based atmosphere. We don't have the $ to do private school. DD1 is very active and likes to be independent and constantly doing something. I don't want that to hurt her in a more confined atmosphere. DS is very laid back and loves to learn but he has tendencies to be a follower sometimes. I don't want him to change his drive to learn or start following wrong behavior.
I really like the idea of having extra time with my youngest and the newbie but dont want it to hurt the others. It makes me feel selfish
If I choose to go the magnet school route it would be to try it out. I'm really scared! I've hated seeing such little kids being sent off into the world. I have trust issues too.
I don't know if I should try it with DS first since he's older or DD1 too. She would go to all day preschool.
DH is supportive either way but I just don't know what to do
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