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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Originally Posted by fish3737 View Post
Hey Julie,

Congratulations!! Three years was a long break between kiddos for you! You had a bunch really close together right? Very fertile, super cute family. Wasn't Londyn the "failed IUD"? LOL If I'm thinking of the wrong mama.

That is so exciting that you are having another one!!!

We need to all update pics of the LOs.

Okay - I'll start.

Miss Katie:

Still little but very opinionated. She is definitely a mama's girl.
Haha.. yes, Lou is our "failed IUD" babe. She was meant to be. And this one is a "we went camping, mama forgot her pills, neither she or daddy were responsible enough to use a backup method" baby. My kiddos are 7, 6, 5, 3.5, and 2... so this was definitely a pretty good "break" from our "norm" I suppose. This newb will be born about a month before Lou is 3. Normally we'd have been welcoming a newbie when she was only 14-18mos old.

Katie is beautiful!!!! It's insane to see how big these kiddos have gotten!

Here is Londyn... she was indulding on a cupcake after gettin' filthy outside, lol! She went from being a HUGE baby (20lbs at 3.5mos) to bein an itty bitty peanut with chunky thighs, lol. Her hair is sooo curly and comes about 2 inches from her bum.

I'm Julie. I'm a lucky wife to Micheal and a SUPER blessed mama of 5! Jordyn (12.21.04) Preston (4.10.06) Kyson (6.24.07) Gavin (12.18.08) and Londyn. (4.19.10)
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