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Re: UGH! Thinking about switching to public/private school for awhile?!

Originally Posted by mommycass View Post
Sooo, I am an avid homeschooling mom. I love ALL things about it but I'm starting to feel like I'm failing my kids. DS is 8 1/2, DD1 is 4 1/2, DD2 is 19 months, and I'm expecting a LO in Feb.
DS is very smart and very studious. He reads chapter books, knows tons of science knowledge(that's been his favorite and hes learned a lot reading on his own). My older 2 are into soccer and basketball. We have a great homeschool support group. Many families at our church homeschool and we go on outings/field trips together.
But I feel like I'm not able to give the one on one teaching time that's needed. DD1 is very demanding of my time and attention as is DD2. And with #4 on the way its going to be worse. I think DS is failing to thrive curriculum wise because I don't have the time he needs. It worked great when DD1&2 napped I focused on school. Now with DD1 not napping its becoming more chaotic. I havent ever found a good balance between school and housekeeping. I feel like one takes away from the other. Our house seems to stay messy so I'm always cleaning, doing laundry, etc...
I've been considering putting DS and DD1 in a magnet school. It's a public school but has a focus on youth performing arts, along with sports and so on.
I have MANY worries that I'm sure any parent would have. But my biggest is that I don't want them to loose out on a Jesus based atmosphere. We don't have the $ to do private school. DD1 is very active and likes to be independent and constantly doing something. I don't want that to hurt her in a more confined atmosphere. DS is very laid back and loves to learn but he has tendencies to be a follower sometimes. I don't want him to change his drive to learn or start following wrong behavior.
I really like the idea of having extra time with my youngest and the newbie but dont want it to hurt the others. It makes me feel selfish
If I choose to go the magnet school route it would be to try it out. I'm really scared! I've hated seeing such little kids being sent off into the world. I have trust issues too.
I don't know if I should try it with DS first since he's older or DD1 too. She would go to all day preschool.
DH is supportive either way but I just don't know what to do
I had #4 this year with my oldest only 5 at the time. I ended up putting him in PS (we didn't have money for private school) b/c I was so overwhelmed - it was a month after school started b/c I really tried HS'ing but with #4 on the way it was too much. It turned out OK. He learned a lot, I felt guilt A LOT, he got in trouble some...but in the end I personally regret it. We are going to HS this year b/c I regretted it so much and felt like I did the wrong thing all year - I've made this decision with my parents, DH's parent's and seemingly everyone around me telling me he should be in PS. I just don't feel right about it. I'm terrified about not having the free time I did last year and I'm not sure how I'll deal - some days will probably be bad days. But, we sat down and talked about it today with him and he really wants to do HS this year and not go back to PS...he's been consistent about this throughout the summer. I think, I would have to feel really OK about putting him in PS to do it again...they will loose the 'Jesus' aspect too in a public school - even a mild mannered one - the teachers just can't talk about it or teach it - even if they want to. You can change your mind later in the year if it gets to hard, or you can change your mind next year if it gets to hard.

Know that you HAVE PERMISSION to put them in PS in you need to and want to and they'll adjust and do just'll be an adjustment though - they sit a lot in PS - even in K we found out. Do what you need to for your sanity though - and know that it's OK...I just wanted to share my experience since it sounded similar to yours !
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