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Plugged Duct? Mastitis??

Last Wednesday I wasn't feeling well, achy, fever 101.5, diarrhea, headache, etc. This lasted through Thursday but I felt pretty well Friday (still had loose stools but not diarrhea and no other symptoms). Then Saturday I had headache, achiness, diarrhea again and bottom of right breast started to hurt. Sunday I was still achy with diarrhea with breast hurting more and a pencil tip sized looking red/purple spot where breast hurts (I don't feel a lump though). Now breast really hurts and has read triangular patch ending in original looking bruised spot, mild fever 99.5, diarrhea still. Starting to feel like I've been run over by a truck. Do you think this is mastitus? I've nursed a total of 3 years and never had this (have had plugged ducts but have always felt the lump). DD is currently 9m and just started sleeping through the night most nights. Sorry for the book but I'm just not sure if I'm sick with a bug or if a bug lead to mastitus???
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