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Re: TTC 30+ July 30-Aug 5

Can you move me back to TTC? I'm officially waiting for AF, which should be here Thurs or Friday, then I'll start IUI cycle #4. Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me this cycle...I hate going through this crap; the meds make me feel horrible & just want to be done having the nurses poking & prodding me multiple days every month!

I can really say I haven't emotionally been too bad when I get a bfn or even w/ the mc...but our new DCP, who we've only been bringing DD to for a month, confirmed today that she's pg & due 3/5/13. I'm not jealous, per se, just kind of down that I'm not pg yet. And don't get me wrong, I know this is only cycle #4 & that's not much at all. I know there are lots of you who have been trying for significantly longer, so this isn't a "boo hoo for me" kind of thing. It's just that the fertility treatments aren't easy on me, the appointments, working, & taking care of DD gets pretty intense, people are intrusive & feel like they have a right to know about how my reproductive cycles are going (when that's something I normally keep really private), DD's been especially difficult the last week or so, & I have PMS, so I'm just a little oversensitive. Blah.

Anyway, taking Friday off work so DP & I can get ready for a garage sale this weekend. We desperately need to declutter & I wouldn't mind a little extra money!
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