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Re: thrush or latch issues please help

Just FWIW...we saw 3 LCs, 2 pediatricians, and 1 ENT who all said my DD wasn't tongue tied, but, she was...posterior, which is harder to diagnose. I figured it out myself because she had an upper lip tie, then when I googled posterior tongue tie we had all the symptoms. She has had both the lip tie and the posterior tongue tie revised along with craniosacral therapy and she is doing great and my nipples feel much better. I was treated for thrush for months with my oldest, finally my milk was tested and I didn't have that I have learned so much about tongue tie I look in his mouth and see he has one, I expect that was the reason of my horrible thrush like pain! There is a great FB group called "Tongue tie Babies Support Group" - great for finding resources etc and you can even post pics of your baby's mouth.
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