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Re: TTC 30+ July 30-Aug 5

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
Can you move me back to TTC? I'm officially waiting for AF, which should be here Thurs or Friday, then I'll start IUI cycle #4. Please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me this cycle...I hate going through this crap; the meds make me feel horrible & just want to be done having the nurses poking & prodding me multiple days every month!

I can really say I haven't emotionally been too bad when I get a bfn or even w/ the mc...but our new DCP, who we've only been bringing DD to for a month, confirmed today that she's pg & due 3/5/13. I'm not jealous, per se, just kind of down that I'm not pg yet. And don't get me wrong, I know this is only cycle #4 & that's not much at all. I know there are lots of you who have been trying for significantly longer, so this isn't a "boo hoo for me" kind of thing. It's just that the fertility treatments aren't easy on me, the appointments, working, & taking care of DD gets pretty intense, people are intrusive & feel like they have a right to know about how my reproductive cycles are going (when that's something I normally keep really private), DD's been especially difficult the last week or so, & I have PMS, so I'm just a little oversensitive. Blah.

Anyway, taking Friday off work so DP & I can get ready for a garage sale this weekend. We desperately need to declutter & I wouldn't mind a little extra money!
Yay! Fingers crossed for you mama! I think its ok to feel a little bit boo hoo woe as me starting your 4th cycle especially after a m/c. Not to mention theres a financial burden to ttc that many couples dont have to deal with. So feel free to wallow a bit lol!

Originally Posted by Maddalena View Post
Went to Obgyn. Got put on metforman! Can't wait to try that.
Im glad you pushed until you got answers you liked. Sounds like a better solution than what that other guy wanted you on!

Originally Posted by tedcgh View Post
I don't know where I am. I thought AF should have came this weekend. No signs of her yet. All the tests are BFNs too. So I don't know if I didn't ovulate even though everything pointed in that direction. If I caught an eggie later than I thought was possible??? Or my body just up to its old antics. I guess DH will be a happy guy because we will just continue to DTD like crazy and hope for the best!
My husband would be quite agreeable to that solution.
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