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Re: Male versus Female OB- POLL

I've had both, and I MUCH prefer males!! I had a male OB with my first pregnancy, and he was honestly the best doctor I've ever seen in my life. He was patient, very sincere and kind, funny, never made me feel stupid or rushed, (this is going to sound dumb) but BOTH DH and I always felt like we were visiting with a friend, not seeing a doctor. He cared so much, and always took the initiative to handle important things himself (eg: when I had bloodwork done to see why I was having trouble staying pregnant, he called me personally with the results and explained everything to me, then gave me his cell number in case I had questions or problems when he wasn't at work. The last month or two of my pregnancy, DH had to take a job out of state, and was only home on weekends. Dr. told me that if I went into labor when I was alone, or before my mom came to stay the last week, he would come pick me up himself. That might sound weird to some ppl, but he NEVER gave me a creepy feeling whatsoever. I've seen females, and I honestly just have never cared for them. They always seem to either 1) be know it alls, like pp's have mentioned, 2) almost be competitive, like how women sometimes size each other up, or 3) be pushy and kind of snotty about how things should be done. I'm currently at a practice that you have to see everyone, and I've seen a new person every. single. time. Same with delivery, just whoever happens to be there is who you get. I hate it, b/c you don't get the opportunity to "bond" with any one doctor, even get to know them, and it is VERY impersonal/strictly business. I've been trying to scheme ways this entire pregnancy to get back to the guy I like , but that's not gonna happen, lol. BTW, he's not the only male that I've loved that much either, he's just the only one who's been an OB for me, rather than reg. gyn.
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