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Re: Ticked at the middle school

Originally Posted by Our5boys View Post
I really think they should have let you know sooner.

We just got letters today (yes since we have two students in middle school they insist on sending two of the same letter in the same envelope nonthe less...I hate extra papers and even signed up for email updates from the school instead ) that this is the new dress code. Has been the same for two years but they are trying to make it have a slogan and everything and the new principal is going to enforce the dress code finally.

My son was mortified when he read the banner in the office saying " No Crack-- Front or Back....policy will be enforced." I guess they had a problem with saggy pants, whale tails and clevage?
HAHA!!! I wish the high schools that I have worked at had this slogan. I swear I saw more boobies there than I thought possible!! Every time you turned around you just about saw the nipple of some 15 year old girl!
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