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Re: Creighton Method Book?

Originally Posted by Numommy View Post
3- I guess if you are just set on not paying for classes, which honestly at 240 for what you get, is NOT, nearly enough to compensate these instructors, you could look into the Billings method.
4- CrM is as effective as it is for a reason.
Thanks for the affirmation of the Creighton Model and the value its teachers provide

Originally Posted by ecoMama2b View Post
During BF, creighton teaches to rely primarily on the internal observations since temps are all over the place and the cycle is basically erratic to non-existent. ie cervical position/opening/firmness and cervical mucous...
Sorry to disagree with you, but as a Creighton teacher I can assure you that the Creighton Model never uses internal observations (or temps for that matter). The only observations that are ever done are external observations of mucus. That is all that is needed for the high effectiveness (even while breastfeeding). Perhaps you are confusing Creighton with another method.
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