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Re: Male versus Female OB- POLL

Much prefer female OB's. My personal opinion is men do not belong in that field. I realize many if not most do not feel that way but that is how I feel.

I know what it feels like to feel assaulted by the male OB. My first vaginal us I refused to look at the pic until my son was around a year old. The male OB failed to inform me just what he was going to do and hurt me during the process. He later forced an unnecessary section on me and almost killed my son. He had the know it all attitude.

My female OB made sure to tell me before hand what she was going to do. She never hurt me and always listened with respect to my concerns. I did wind up with a section with her as well but it was discusses as equals and we came to the decision we both felt was safest for my baby and me.
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