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Re: Male versus Female OB- POLL

I prefer female just because I feel most comfortable BUT it was HARD finding a good one. The first female was too aggressive, 2nd was too dirty and I ended up with a nasty infection that I've ever experienced and I was in pain for a week after visiting her for a PAP SMEAR! Looking back I think the speculum may have been dirty as I don't remember her sanitizing it or covering but I was too busy being nervous. shudder. As as result of that I ended up in an emergency visit to another obgyn who was a woman and wonderful.

In case of a life and death situation, life precedes everything so I don't care which gender handles me as long as they are qualified. Last year I went to the ER in crazy pain and while I could have requested a female doctor I thought I was having either an ectopic pregnancy that was bursting or my appendix was bursting and needed whoever was available and qualified to see me ASAP. Even though he and his team were unable to find out the cause (it was a miscarriage of twins that went undetected for another 3 months) I'm satisfied with the quality of care I received.
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