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Unhappy I have another acid reflux baby :( And he's growing up too fast!

My first (now 5) was an unusual acid reflux baby. She NEVER spit up. But she screamed 20 of 24 hours. Well thus far i've had a "happy spitter" but the frequency has increased while the happiness has decreased. I have an entire load of receiving blankets and his clothes just from 2 days of spitting. He always grunted and groaned while sleeping, but the gripe water seemed to improve that some. In fact the gripe water made quite a difference until the last 2 days. Now we're on a cycle of eat, fuss while eating, pull off, cry, burp, spit up, fuss, eat, repeat, try to sleep, sleep for a few minutes, start squirming and crying, repeat.

ETA: and he chokes several times a night as it refluxes up and he's left gasping for breath as I reach over and hold him upright. He already sleeps reclined.

Poor little guy. I asked my pedi about natural remedies, but it seems we don't have an effective one for this or she's not willing to recommend. If it were my older girls we'd be doing some diluted apple cider vinegar and papaya enzyme. But i don't feel like I can give him any "food" this young. And who knows how effective it would be.

so they've just called in prevacid. I should see improvement in the next 2-3 days.

On another note, my baby is now 4 weeks old today and already out of Nb sposies (don't flame me we do cloth and sposie mix this young b/c he hardly fits anything)

It's killing me that he's almost a month old already even though I was mutinous ready to have him come (and he came at 39 weeks on the nose)
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