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This is oddly, weirdly fun. Kind of like CD's
Okay, so I have peed in the potty twice so far (DD told me, "Mommy, sit!") but she is up and down so fast and so often - i think i need to get some new toys / books just for the potty. Since we havent ECed previously i am backing off a bit and just working on the communication bit, and getting her aquainted to life without a staydry layer. I have been trying to keep her in gerber trainers as much as possible when we are home (i woh so it's evenings and weekends) and tonight she started saying uh-oh when she peed. Probably didnt help that the dogs were trying to lick it up - YUCK! But the recognition is happening and at some point life will slow down a bit (right? Please?) and so we might try a modified, half-attempt at a 3 day weekend in Sept or Oct. My MIL thinks Im totally batcrap insane
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