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Re: July 30 - Aug 5 Chat

Originally Posted by melyndie View Post
Agh, I guess my hormones are still wacky. A guy DH works with and his wife, whom I never met, came over to see the baby and deliver dinner. She didn't even tell me her name but was begging to hold the baby right away. I said he was hungry, but she said it was okay. She finally gave him back when he was chomping on her arm and crying. Thankfully they didn't stay long, but when she was leaving, she said, "If you need anything, let me know! I would LOVE to come by and hold the baby for a few hours!" Um, why would I want anyone to do that?? Do the dishes or something; don't take my baby! She was a nice lady and well meaning and she was very kind to make us dinner, but I did not enjoy their visit. I am super sensitive right now. I cried for an hour after she left.
That would have really upset me! I learned my lesson with pass the baby with my last ds who ended up getting sick and hospitalized. I have been so careful with Charlotte. My mom or sister haven't even held her yet. Although my SIL took her and then let her daughter hold her. I almost had a panic attack trying to figure out how to politely get my baby back. I was trying to get DH to have them come at a later date but then I felt guilty. Turns out it will be my kids to make her sick. I think my 2 yr old has Pertussis and I can't get him to stop kissing the baby. I'm so torn if I should bring him in to get swabbed because if it's + the Department of Health gets involved and requires the entire household to be treated. I would really like to treat this naturally, I just sent Dh to get some homeopathic stuff that I read works really well. I don't want my entire family to be forced to be on abx and then have gut problems. But I don't want them to be terribly sick either. AHHHHH! And then i don't know what to do about the baby. My ped said he has put 2 newborns with it in the hospital for 4-6 weeks recently. But my sister who works for Children's hospital as a phone triage said they are ALWAYS getting calls about it and its just the media who is scaring everyone right now.
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