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Re: I hate shipping back defective products on my own dime

Originally Posted by m&m&m View Post
I totally see it from both sides. On the one hand how you put it above, but on the other hand, if it was in store, you wouldn't be compensated for the gas to bring the item back in for warranty repair and many manufacturers (not just cloth diapers, but other items) have you mail in for warranty work and don't compensate. Shipping is shipping and isn't going to the manufacturer but rather to the carrier to bring the item back for you. I do see the other side though about needing to return the item in the first place. But again on the other hand warranties are not a requirement to do business and defects are a fact of life. (lol, just reread and saw how back and forth I am on this lol)
Right, but there's no expectation of that. Many online stores offer free shipping but I've never heard of a brick and mortar store paying for gas to get the customer to their store. And I wouldn't necessarily have to drive back to the store for warranty replacement. It's likely that I could email them a picture and they could then put me in touch with the manufacturer and I'd ship it directly to them.

Originally Posted by marisolstice View Post
I kinda see your point about gas, but if I shop at a B&M store, I inspect whatever I'm buying to see if there's any damage before I pay for. You can't do that when shopping online, so I see it as the retailers responsibility to make it right if they send a defective product. Besides, even with high gas prices, shipping an item back is going to cost way more than gas. It beats standing in the returns line at Walmart, though
I completely agree. And the retailer shouldn't be out the money in the end anyway.... For example, CottonBabies sends a defective BG 4.0 to a retailer, the retailer sells it (not seeing the defect), customer receives it and sees defect. Isn't it on CottonBabies to make it right? Would they really penalize their retailers for their mistake? I think not. There is no reason for the small business owner to be out the money here.
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