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Pretty sure baby turned breech

I'm 29wks today. I'm almost positive the baby turned last night and is now breech. I've never been very good at knowing exactly how baby is laying, especially because my previous two pregnancies were twins. But, I do know, something is very different.

Here is the difference....until yesterday, most of the movement was high up. It felt like legs. Legs seem to move, stretch, and "kick" more and generally be stronger than arms, IMO. I definitely felt movement down low too, but it wasn't as strong and not as much if that makes sense. Every since this morning, I feel almost nothing up top. It's all very low and much stronger than before. In fact, I keep jumping because he is kicking my pelvic bones hard. My gut is telling me, he's turned. I know he was head down before.

So, my questions are 1. Does it sound like baby has turned? 2. I know 29wks is still early, but I'm nervous. Does it matter at this point? 3. Should I start spinning babies this early or wait?

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