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My csec was a suprise. Water broke and 3 hrs later had ultrasound and turned out babe as breach. So bout 9 pm he was born.
Didn't sleep AT all that night. Meds made me itch SO bad I coundnt take it. Plus the feeling of not being able to feel my legs drove me NUTS, so kept asking dh to move them around for me.
I think catheter was taken out next day. Catheters are just no fun period. Plus I drank so much that I was filling up the bags quick. Hubby had to call the nurses to change em.
I wish hospital would have given me something to poo but nothing was said about it. Which made for a horrible experience the day after I was discharged, had to go back to dd for an enema, plus I had 104 fever, turns out infection in my uterus. Not that u want to hear those types of things.

But one thing I would advise others and I will be doing myself if I have another spcsec (though I'm going for a vbac next month), is to ASK for a breathing machine thing. I don't know what they're called, but a piece of plastic u basicly practice breathing into. Had I had one of those I could have saved 2 more trips to DD in following weeks(one for partially collasped lung and then pnemonia).
Otherwise, yeah, take it easy but not TOO easy , exercise lungs and move around some, and take advantage of what insurance will cover and stay as long as u can, no matter how much u just wanna get out and go home... That would be my advice to myself at least. But yes, everyone's different and every birth is different.
Try not to be nervous, it won't help things, will it? Maybe see if your hospital has a massage therapist? I know some do have em and they will do pre surgery massages to help calm patients.
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