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Re: I have another acid reflux baby :( And he's growing up too fast!

He went to the chiro when he was one week old and at 3 weeks old.

i'll have to check out "be your own doctor", it sounds like a worthwhile read. My herbal book doesn't really address babies, pregnancy or bf except for sure do not ______. Doesn't go so far as to say _____ is safe. Prob liability I would think.

I tried to cut out dairy on a recommendation when I was pregnant. I lasted all of 5 days. I would prob go formula before I'd go dairy free. That sounds harsh, but I literally dreaded going into my kitchen and was miserable eating the entire 5 days. DD1 and DD2 avoided me because I was nuts. Avoiding milk I could do no problem. But cheese and ice cream.... I'm pretty sure the universe revolves around cheese.

ETA: He sleeps on a wedge now. That seemed to help for a short while.
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