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Re: Over night

Remeber that, if your baby is peeing "through wool," it's because the diaper underneath isn't absorbant enough. Wool isn't totally waterproof. My opinion is that, for a heavy wetter overnight, the ONLY viable option is fitteds with wool, for the reasons that PPs have mentioned -- you get to a point of stuffing the pocket so much that it gapes at the legs and leaks.

I've tried the Pooters fitted and, while I think they are good diapers (and affordable), I've had better luck with other brands (Very Baby Simply Nights and Bububebe). Before you go out and buy more fitteds, though, why not try adding extra hemp inserts. Maybe you need two hemp inserts. Is she a tummy sleeper? Then maybe you need to fold them in half and lay them toward the front of the diaper. For awhile, while my youngest was still nursing a million times a night, I put a Bububebe fitted on him with a hemp prefold trifolded overtop of the diaper. It was a huge combo, but it got him through the night with dry sheets, which was my goal.

As far as wool goes, everyone has their opinions, but I am an interlock lover. I use Loveybums interlock wraps because they are a full double layer of wool.
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