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Re: Pretty sure baby turned breech

Originally Posted by Mom2jandb View Post
You have LOTS of time mama. Some babies don't turn until right before labor. FWIW my OB gets worried at 36 weeks and recommends you start trying to flip baby starting 34 weeks to be right by 36.
Thanks! I know I have lots of time. One of my twins turned while I was in labor saving me from the c-sec they were wanting to do. We actually watched it on u/s. It was awesome! I was so grateful because I really didn't want a c-sec since some OB's will deliver with baby B breech anyway. I thought mine would and didn't find out till it was too late that he had mislead me....basically lied...and wouldn't do it if they weren't both head down. When I went into labor, knowing baby B was breech, the first thing I did when we got to the hospital was insist on an u/s BEFORE they started prepping me for the c-sec. He had already started moving like nothing I'd ever felt. We watched him finish up turning on the u/s. It was so cool and such a blessing.

Anyway, I know I have time, but I'm still nervous. I've had 5 children vaginally including 2 sets of twins against the odds. I REALLY don't want to end up with a c-sec for my last one, who is a singleton.

I think I'm going to start spinning babies now because honestly, this hurts. I know he could turn back even if I get him to turn, but I'll take any relief I can get from him kicking my pelvic bone. Ouch!!!
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