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Re: Male versus Female OB- POLL

Originally Posted by nicolemariep View Post
Ummm, you need a have had both/prefer male option. Cause I do.

He's seen it all before, so I really don't care if he's poking around my lady parts. My OB has a great personality and is a great MD. Plus I often got the vibe from female OBs and OB nurses that they "knew it all" because many of them have had kids, and that can make them dismissive of my concerns. My OB knows that he doesn't "know it all" (cause he's never been pregnant ) and he listens and carefully evaluates any concerns that I have. My favorite L&D nurse ever was also male
Me too! My OB was out of town when ds2 was born. I did NOT like the OB on call, so my OB asked one of the other OBs to deliver me in his place...I was thankful it was the other guy...but I didn't like this OB. She didn't listen to me at all when I told her my concerns. I KNEW my water wouldn't break on it's own...but I also knew that when I hit 7 I would have a baby within 15 minutes. She was in the room just in time to break my water and catch him.

All that to say...she's the only female OB I've seen...I'm not sure I just don't like HER or if other females would have the same mindset. I've seen 2 different males (but only one for actual pg/delivery) and they had WAY different attitudes.

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