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Re: August 2011 mamas - July chat

We've been out of the bucket for some time now. I hated carrying that stupid thing. Much easier for me to just unbuckle him. We aren't in the car a lot though, and don't get out much, so I'm sure that makes a difference.
Sigh- Well as of Sunday I am officially 38! Feel so old...
Got Vivian registered for Kindi yesterday. She starts on the 16th. Lauren starts yr 2 of 3 of preK a few wks later I think. I am excited!!!lol
Evan is just 11m today!! sheesh! Looking forward to the party pics too though. Just going to have a small party for him. We don't do big parties for birthdays.
Amy- yup- love my Odyssey too. It's an 02, but we bought it in 07 (I think) with 60k miles on it. 10 yrs later we are only up to 119K. We try to keep it well maint. But it's been pd off for several years. (thank goodness!)
Can these babies get any cutter??? love all the pics!!!!
Here's one my mom took a few weeks ago, by her koi pond

Can't seem to get busy today.. dang.
Vanessa, Wife to Jeff, SAHM to Vivian(9/26/06) Lauren(10/04/08) Evan (8/31/11), and Samuel Dean (8/17/13)

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