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I didnt read all the responses. . .

My homebirth was my 5th baby and a VBAC. I believe the key to a successful homebirth is to have complete trust in your midwifery team. I found an amazing midwife who knew what to do in not just "nomal" births, but abnormal (as in a lil different then textbook) as well. After my DS was born after a few minutes she said I was loosing more blood then she would like and she gave me pitocin. I think its common with Moms of many to need, I am thankful to have had a midwife who knows that. A good midwife knows when its time to act and even go to the hospital without fear. My midwife was 100% about my and my babys saftey. Were planning our next birth with her as well which will be a VBA2C. And Im 100% confident in her for my care. Find a good team is my #1 advice.

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