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Re: Viva paper towels as liners??

Originally Posted by Ladyflower View Post
I've got a super pooper too. I rarely ever use liners because I would have to use them for every diaper change since I never know when he'll poop. I would definitely not flush them. The only ones I will flush now are the Cutey Baby liners because they are very thin and small. I had some Kushies liners a couple years back - they were large, thick liners. I destroyed our toilet. Literally the second liner I flushed clogged in the trap and dh had to tear apart the toilet to get them out. Those cheap liners turned out to be quite expensive since we had to get a new toilet.
I use liners with every diaper change because I never know when DD will "produce" lol. But if they've only been peed in I wash and re-use multiple times until they start to fall apart.

Bummer about the toilet. Our house-to-street sewer line totally clogged up when we used flushable wipes. It was AWFUL. We don't flush anything stronger than t.p. and the occasional tissue now.
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