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Re: Weekly chat July 30th

Congrats on baby Greta!

Yes, the end gets old . . . pain, contractions, a million things to do . . . I haven't been woken up by contractions much yet, but last night my round ligament on my left side went crazy with pain for about an hour and kept me up. All positions in bed hurt . . . it finally eased when I got up to pee. Sitting on the toilet seemed to help. It reminded me a little too much of labor, though. Since I am only 36 weeks, I don't want that to start for at least another two weeks (when my mom arrives).

Had an annooying evening last night. My dh and I went to the hosp for the maternity tour. Arrived there to find out they are not doing them anymore and haven't been since Jan. Of course, the information from the hospital I got from my ob in Feb said NOTHING about it. They do an open house twice a month instead and the next two are full. I realize we could have found out sooner, had we tried to do the tour sooner, but I deliverd ds2 at this same hospital and figured we just needed a quick refresher before #3 comes . . . I went online to try to find the info we need (checking in, visitor policy, private room options) and found it, I think. The troubling part is that it is exactly the same as what we got two years ago and I KNOW some of it has changed. ANNOYING! Hopefully, the person I contacted will be more helpful than the website.

Good luck to all you ladies having babies this week!
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