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Tummy Sleeper Night Time Option

Before you start throwing knives...My daughter is 4.5 months old and can roll over - she rolls over on her belly during the night. Up until she started this, she stayed dry over night (she sleeps 9-10 hours uninterrupted) in a softbums echo with O-pod and 2 bamboo mini pods. Now that she can roll over, her pj's are wet in the morning. Last night, I used my one omni, stuffed it with 2 mini bamboo pods, and had an O-pod and another mini pod inside the diaper. She still had a wet tummy this morning. I don't think the diaper is getting too wet, I think it is leaking out of the top. My stash is all SB Echos except for the 1 Omni. I don't like Fitteds bc I don't want the moisture against her skin all night. Any suggestions?
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